ABA of North Texas


What documents will be required?

In order to check benefits and obtain authorization, we will need to collect the following info / documents: 1- Basic demographic information for the parent/caregiver and individual who will receive the services. 2- Upload pictures of your insurance card (front and back) 3- Diagnostic reports verifying a qualifying diagnosis. Our clinical team will then work …

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How can you help me navigate public school, ARDs and IEPs?

Collaboration with the school is vital but can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we offer ARD meeting attendance and IEP reviews to all clients. We are available to attend any school meetings and can help teach you how to become a better advocate for your child.

What Kind of Progress Can Be Expected with ABA?

Competently delivered ABA intervention can help learners with autism make meaningful changes in many areas. However, changes do not typically occur quickly. Rather, most learners require intensive and ongoing instruction that builds on their step-by-step progress. Moreover, the rate of progress – like the goals of intervention – varies considerably from person to person depending …

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