ABA of North Texas

What is ABA?

ABA is Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is a scientific based approach to understanding behavior. Interventions applied are evidence based and have been replicated for effectiveness by many studies. ABA can be done in different settings like your home, school, or anywhere in your community.

What is the goal in ABA?

ABA works on changing the environment that is causing behaviors. The BCBA analyzes how the learner’s behavior is affected by the environment. A misconception is that ABA changes the learner and makes them act differently. However, ABA programs are tailored to each individual learner. Different goals targeted include increasing language and communication in the learner, improving attention, focus, memory, social skills, self-help skills, play and leisure skills, visual skills, and more. ABA is not only effective for young children but also for teens and adults.

How does it work?

ABA uses positive reinforcement to teach new skills. Over time the learner continues to learn the current or new skill without needing to receive positive reinforcement all the time by a method called fading. To begin, the BCBA will meet/interview with your family and complete an assessment. The BCBA will create a treatment plan including goals that will be targeted during session and evaluate data from every session to ensure continual progress. Therapy hours depends on the medical necessity of the learner.

Stopping ABA

ABA therapy hours are decreased slowly over time after evaluating the learner’s progress, the learner has met their program goals, and no longer meets the requirement for needing services. However, ABA can also be discontinued if your learner is not making progress after a long period of time in ABA. If there are any issues or concerns and the family is not able to resolve it with the ABA team, they are able to stop services and seek other ABA companies.

ABA is beneficial to many, however, your loved one may not need ABA services. Talk to an ABA team member or BCBA to see if it would be a good fit for your family or loved one.

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