ABA of North Texas

What is ABA Therapy?

It is a scientific approach to understanding behavior; Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a method of therapy used to improve or change specific behaviors. In simple terms, ABA changes the environment in order to change the behavior. ABA therapy is used to improve behaviors like social skills, reading, academics, and communication as well as learned skills like grooming, hygiene, fine motor dexterity, job proficiency, house- keeping activities, and many more. ABA therapy uses strategies to help your child practice big skills in little steps and building independence along the way. Endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General, ABA therapy focuses on human behavior and is able to increase desirable behavior as well as minimize unwanted behaviors. Postive reinforcement is one of the main strategies used in ABA. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ program but rather individualized for each learner. Over the last decade, the nation has seen a particularly dramatic increase in the use of ABA to help persons with Autism live happy and productive lives. In particular, ABA principles and techniques can foster basic skills such as looking, listening and imitating, as well as complex skills such as reading, conversing, and understanding another person’s perspective.