ABA of North Texas

What is a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)?

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst, or BCBA, is a graduate-level professional who is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. BCBAs apply the principles of ABA to help children with Autism improve behaviors and reach optimal outcomes so that they can reach their true potential. The BCBA oversees the creation, implementation, and evaluation of individualized ABA therapy for our clients. They take the lead building the best possible plan based on each child’s unique strengths and challenges.
The analyst’s development of treatment goals stems from a detailed assessment of each learner’s skills and preferences and may also include family goals. Treatment goals and instruction are developmentally appropriate and target a broad range of skill areas such as communication, sociability, self-care, play and leisure, motor development, and academic skills. Goals emphasize skills that will enable learners to become independent and successful. The instructional plan breaks down desired skills into manageable steps to be taught from the simplest (e.g. imitating single sounds) to the more complex (e.g. carrying on a conversation) skills. The intervention involves ongoing objective measurement of the learner’s progress, the behavior analyst frequently reviews information on the learner’s progress and uses this to adjust procedures and goals as needed. The analyst meets regularly with family members and program staff to plan ahead, review progress, and make adjustments as needed.