ABA of North Texas

What does in-home ABA therapy look like?

All programs are individualized based on client and family needs. Some programs are focused on social and community outings while others may focus on functional life skills within the home. The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) may come to your home and provides your child with 1:1 support or your child may go to the center where he will receive 1:1 therapy with an RBT.
Working together requires that everyone communicate openly, develop plans, and share goals and responsibilities. The BCBA engages caregivers in the assessment and intervention process to the greatest extent possible. That means obtaining input through interviews and self-recording of data, collaboratively identifying strategies based on patterns identified (e.g., rather than simply developing plans and giving them to the parent or teacher), and providing sufficient training so caregivers can fully implement all interventions themselves.